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7 Best Slasher Movies Of All Time


If you have a satiated mindset onwards horror films, you must believe in the fact ‘The More, The Merrier.’

Of course, you do.

This is probably why the horror movies deviated towards the slasher genre because people were not satisfied with those spooky sound effects and white glimpses of ghosts like they used to be before.

Now, we agree that the slasher movies are filled with gory details and unrestricted derangements, we can’t help but love them.

Once we enlighten you with the list of the top slasher movies of all time, you can download them straight from The Pirate Bay and start a well-deserved movie marathon.

But, before that let’s find out which are the key elements of slasher movies.

What Constitute A Slasher Movie?

A Slasher movie is a sub-genre of horror movies that involves a psycho killer killing people with bladed tools. But, that’s not all. There are some elements to look for in a slasher movie such as:

  • A nice backstory behind the Psychopathic Killer.
  • Setting and Location.
  • Weapon of Choice.
  • Multiple Victims.
  • Strayed Characters.
  • Jump Scares.
  • Illogical Thinking.
  • Stranded Communication Signals.
  • The Resurrection of the Killer.
  • The Final Victim.

7 Best Slasher Movies Of All Time

Now that you know the key elements of a slasher movie, you will find the following list adhering to these characters. 

So, let’s start: 

1: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Tobe Hooper’s shoestring-budget slasher was a crucial influence on every slasher that followed. It was an epochal genre event, an intense watching experience to this day.

Hooper was originally hoping for a PG rating for this nasty and gory film about a family of rural cannibals. Despite the fact that the majority of the violence occurs offscreen, the MPAA initially gave it an X rating. 

While we agree the 1974 version was great, the 2003 remake ramped up the gore factor to a sickening level, and we can’t help watching it!

2: Final Destination

There is no psycho killer in this movie except DEATH. 

Despite the bizarre deaths of a group of people, what truly stands out in this film is how the filmmakers transform an unseen, intangible force into something truly terrifying!

The original Final Destination was truly the best but the sequels that followed the first film also stood out on their own; be it gory deaths or intricating twists in the storyline. 

3: Saw

The film is about an unnamed murderer known only as “Jigsaw” and he forces his victims to solve puzzles, generally by inflicting bodily injury on themselves, to avoid a definite and horrible death. 

There are many sequels that follow SAW but the first part where the victim has to chop off its foot to come out of the trap is truly horrifying. 

The film alternates between flashbacks and present-day scenes, providing background information on these guys as well as the stories of Jigsaw’s other victims. 

So, once you get past the gory death scenes, the story of Jigsaw is pretty interesting!

4: House Of Wax

After spending the night in a field, a group of young people on their way to a football game in Louisiana run into automobile issues. 

While some of the party go to the game, the remainder goes downtown with a stranger.

They visit a wax museum where they’re separated, and things take a turn for the worst when the remainder of the party shows up late. 

The killers pursue the group, killing them one by one until a dramatic end.

5: Wrong Turn

After driving into a booby trap that destroys the car of two college students, they decide to take a wrong turn and meet a bunch of cannibals who are ready to make them their meals.

While some seek assistance, others are assassinated by an unknown individual. 

After discovering a decrepit cottage, the survivors quickly learn that it is the home of misshapen cannibals who plan to slaughter them all. While being pursued and taken out one by one by the killers, the gang tries to flee to safety.

So if the storyline sounds terrifying, we are sure the visuals will do their job!

6: Green Inferno

Justine chooses to become an activist to assist other nations to end female genital mutilation. 

She accompanies the charismatic Alejandro on a journey to the Amazon to protest the destruction of the jungle by large corporations. Their plane crashes on the way back, and a group of survivors is kidnapped by a mysterious tribe of cannibals. 

  • Will they make it out alive?
  • Or, will they surrender to their horrifying fate of cannibalistic deaths?

Watch this movie to find out.

7: Cabin In The Woods

Cabin in the Woods takes the most basic, slasher premise.

Five super-attractive college students go to a rural cabin for some shenanigans, and the holidays take a worse turn than nobody expected. 

This is as much a science fiction comedy as it is a horror film, and it’s more humorous than scary, but it’s definitely one of the best movies to be included in the slasher genre.

Get Slashed!

You will fear your life every moment once you watch these movies.

You will fear being left alone in a secluded place, and also fear asking for help from strangers if you are stranded on the road ever.

But, keeping these things aside, these movies will keep you on the edge of your seats, so give them a shot.


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