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6 Ways to Better Showcase Your Freelance Services


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6 Ways to Better Showcase Your Freelance Services: What makes freelancing amazing is that it allows you to have a flexible way of making a living. You get to control decisions like when, how, and where to work. But it’s also a business venture.

Unlike traditional employment, freelancing is more than just the services you offer. Your freelance business depends on you for capital, marketing, and even client support.

Marketing, for instance, is the backbone of your venture. It’s how you land clients and how you get paid. You want to make sure you’re effectively showcasing your services.

Here’s how you can better showcase your freelance services:

1. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Over 3 billion people across the globe regularly interact on social media daily. It’s a huge resource, and it’d be unwise not to make the most of it.

Start by optimizing your profiles to reflect your services and your brand. Think about it.

What’s the first thing you want someone to know about you when they land on your profile?

If your profile isn’t advertising you, it’s doing you no good. Use these steps to optimize your profiles:

  • Use the name associated with your brand:  nicknames  and other funny names will confuse your audience
  • Upload a professional photo: nobody really wants to see your cat
  • Tidy up your bio: ensure your bio is short, to the point, and has info relevant to your work
  • Use keywords: your bio text needs to be fully optimized for SEO. Add keywords and hashtags
  • Link to your pages: link your profiles to your landing page to redirect traffic

2. Start Blogging

Blogging is an effective way of showing off your talent, and your freelance business would benefit from it.

Start a blog and use it as a tool to provide value to your audience, build trust, and advertise your skills.

The big relief when it comes to blogging is that you don’t have to run your own site if you’re not up for it. Look for guest blogging opportunities on already established sites. Doing that will have a tremendous effect on your exposure.

3. Become a Formal Business

Serious freelancers think about going formal for many reasons. You incorporate your business venture, and you minimize risks to personal assets.

Besides the liability issue, becoming a recognized business makes you stand out from the casual crowd, positioning you as a professional. That level of credibility makes you more attractive to clients.

While you don’t need a business license to become a freelancer, turning your freelance venture into a business is better for exposure and growth. Learn more about small business licensing here.

4. Build a Portfolio

A portfolio is a necessary part of freelancing. You may be good at showcasing your services, but you won’t be getting much business if you don’t have a central location where prospects can access your previous work.

Clients generally want you to prove that you can deliver. An online portfolio gives them that.

You could create a portfolio page on your website and list your previous projects there. 

Alternatively, you could list your projects on one of the many portfolio sites out there, many of which have free versions. Some of the portfolio websites with free versions are:

  • Muck Rack
  • Behance
  • Wix
  • Adobe Portfolio
  • Pixpa

5. Vlog About It

Consumers continue to favor fast content and want to make split-second decisions in a world where videos are becoming shorter and more popular. You want to take advantage of this trend to boost exposure.

Sites like Youtube and TikTok are perfect platforms to address your audience and talk about your services.

6. Make Connections

Connections are priceless in the freelance world. A friend can send extra business your way, and just like that, you have a long-term client in the bag. 

As a freelancer, you want to unlock the power of networking by joining online communities within your field of expertise.  

You don’t want to be an idle member in these communities if you’re looking for visibility. Use your expertise to contribute value, and you open yourself up to more business.

Final Thoughts

Advertising your services is a huge part of your freelance business. You want to put your skills before the eyes of your prospects, and that requires a good strategy. The above tips should come in handy.

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