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online sports betting: Cricket is a sport that has seen many changes over the years. Some aspects that have been adjusted include certain rules and the format of the matches. The 1xBet – one of online sports betting sites allows to bet on cricket matches played in different modes.

An extinct cricket method is a timeless test. As its name suggests, it is a format where there is no fixed time at which the event is supposed to end. Instead, it relies on certain conditions that should be met in order to declare a winner. One of the online sports betting sites 1xBet allows to bet on cricket matches of different formats.

Why was this format abandoned

Throughout many decades timeless tests were the main format of cricket. It has long been abandoned, and the odds IPL today for you on 1xBet are certainly excellent for betting on matches of more modern formats. Playing a match whose end could not be predicted created a few consequences. Some of them were:

  • teams could not rely on defensive tactics in order to secure a win, since there was no allotted time that could run out;
  • it created huge logistical and commercial problems.

The latter was certainly the main factor that convinced many people that this mode was not feasible. Since there was no set end for these events, it was very difficult to arrange aspects like transport and accommodation, especially for the visiting teams. The timeless test format of cricket was subsequently abandoned in favor of other modes. Today IPL odds for you on 1xBet in cricket matches played under more modern rules are certainly excellent.

A brief history of timeless test matches 

Only 99 timeless cricket matches were officially recorded. They took place between the years 1877 and 1939. It should be noted that Australia was probably the country that liked this format the most. This is because prior to World War II, all test matches in the country were played in that mode. Currently, the www.in.1xbet.com/line website allows placing wagers in all kinds of cricket matches celebrated in this part of the world.

The last timeless cricket match ever was between England and South Africa. The contest took place in the city of Durban in 1939. This event highlighted the main issues with the format. After 12 days of playing, it was necessary to abandon the match. The reason for this determination was that the English team needed to board the ship that would take them back to their country. This motivated significant changes in the modes of the game that are even seen today. The 1xBet platform allows punters to wager on cricket matches of several modern formats.

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