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Six Best Gmail Redesigning Features That You Should Try Out Right Now


Six Best Gmail Redesigning Features That You Should Try Out Right Now: Gmail, the world’s most famous e-mail service with more than a billion users, is getting the most significant design overhaul in years.

Six Best Gmail Redesigning Features That You Should Try Out Right Now

Six Best Gmail Redesigning Features

The new changes are gradually making life, and the new redesign has just started rolling out to users in India.

Besides adding a dash of visual element to the interface to make it more intuitive.

Google has also added new features that not only make things more comfortable but also aims to take care of some pain points.

Google has also taken inspiration from the likes of Snapchat and Instagram to bring disappearing e-mails to the Gmail.

The feature is under testing and will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

Called ‘confidential mode,’ the feature removes the option to forward, copy, a print of downloading messages, thus increasing security.

So, if you are sending tax documents or Aadhaar details over the email, the private mode will ensure that the recipient does not misuse them.

What is more, you can set a validity for the email, and after the said time, the email and the attachments will expire.

Now, while there is still some time until ‘confidential mode’ starts rolling out, let’s look at how to enable the new UI, and look at the top six new features you should try out right now.

How to enable the redesigned Gmail right now?

To enable the new designing, head over to your Gmail account on the web, and click on the gear icon on the top right.

Here, you will get an option called Try the new Gmail,” click on that. The changes will make, the page will reload, and the new redesigning Gmail will enable.

In case you don’t like it and want to go back, click on the gear icon, and you will see the option to Go back to classic Gmail, just click on that. It will revert your Gmail interface to the older one.

Redesigning Gmail – Top 6 features

Snooze Emails

It is one of the standard features that you would find on third-party email clients, and Google has now added support for the same with the latest redesign.

Say, your monthly DTH payment is due on Sunday, the company sends a reminder message three to four days in advance.

You are in the office and working when get the reminder message. You can snooze the message for later today, the next day, or can even pick a preferring date and time.

At the given date and time, the reminder will pop-up on top, and you will also notify about the same.

This way, you can ensure that you don’t end up missing the payment date and get timely notifications of important emails.

Unsubscribe spam emails

It is one of the most significant problems that keep nagging a lot of people. Recently, I was looking to buy a car and was thinking of taking it on loan.

Naturally, at such times, you head over to loan comparison websites to see the amount of down payment to make and the monthly EMI and more.

Six Best Gmail Redesigning Features
I got the details I need, and I am still considering whether to buy one or not.
But, the comparison website in question here, keeps sending me emails every day about the attractive interest rates and more.

I don’t want to buy it right away and want to stop those pestering emails.

Well, Gmail makes it more straightforward. Merely open the mail and just below the subject line, you have the ‘unsubscribe’ button, just click on that.

You will then see a pop-up, click on ‘unsubscribe’ again, you will no longer get the emails from that sender. Once done, you will also get a notification to move the mail to the spam folder.

Hover to mark as unread

There are times when you open specific emails and then you want to mark them as unread to take a look at them later at convenience.

Well, so far, you had to select an email, and then select the mark as an unread option from the drop-down list, just below the search bar.

But with the new redesign, you now get hovering icons on the right corner of the mail preview.

Click on that icon and the mail will be marked as unread.

Google Tasks

Google is recently rolling out a new Tasks mobile app for iOS and Android, that integrates Google Calendar and Gmail.

The app allows you to add, manage and edit tasks. With the new Tasks now sits on the collapsible right-hand side panel.

You can organise meetings, jot down notes, plan your day and do a lot more without leaving the Gmail page, or open another tab.

Smart, quick replies

Well, Smart Replies has been one of my favourite features that initially made its way to Inbox by Gmail.

Based on the email context, it is suggesting three quick replies that you can reply with, without having to type it out.

For instance, if someone emails you dinner tonight at 9, or want to catch up for a movie tonight.

You get quick reply suggestions such as sorry I can’t make it tonight; I am down and Sure sounds good.

These suggestions may change based on the email context, but the fact that you can reply with a single tap is something that is interesting and time-saving.

Preview attachments

Until now, emails only used to show a clip icon indicating that the mail has an attachment.

You then have to open the letter and click on the attachment to view it. But that changes with the newly redesigned Gmail.

The attachment icon will show just below the subject line, and clicking on the attachment will open the preview.

The best part here is, you don’t need to open the email to view it, and supported formats including GIF, image, PDF, audio and video.

It is barely two hours since I got the new Gmail redesign and after trying out the new features, I must say, I am impressed.

It does take a few pain points away to make things easier but will need to see how more comfortable life becomes in the long term.

So, these are the points to describe on the six best Gmail redesigning features that you should try out right now.

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