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Mass Extinction Gave Rise To Dinosaurs: Study Is Finds


Mass Extinction Gave Rise To Dinosaurs: Study Is Finds: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on the Mass Extinction Gave Rise to Dinosaurs, Study is Finds.

Mass Extinction Gave Rise To Dinosaurs: Study Is Finds

Mass Extinction Gave Rise To Dinosaurs

It widely believes that a massive meteor impact occurring 66 million years ago on Earth and dinosaurs along with most species on the planet are destroying.

The extinction of dinosaurs has the focus of interest for many types of research, but the origins of dinosaurs are still largely unknown.

In a new study, researchers claim that the expansion of dinosaurs is also triggering by a crisis which is a mass extinction that took place 232 million years ago.

Dinosaurs first appeared during the Triassic period about 245 million years ago. But they are not widespread until a major global climate change occurred during the Carnic or early Triassic period about 230 million years ago.

Known as the Carnian Pluvial Episode, the event is characterizing by a dramatic increase in temperature and biotic turnover in the sea and on land.

The spread of dinosaurs happened at exactly the same time as the earth was affected by the great climate change. It seems in the dinosaur tracks discovered in the rock formations in the Dolomites in northern Italy.

Moving from dry to humid and then back to dry conditions may have killed herbivorous reptiles, paving the way for dinosaurs. Dinosaur fossils extracting from the rock in Argentina and Brazil are also state of the art.

Mass Extinction Gave Rise To Dinosaurs

We are thrilled to see footprints and skeletons tell the same story, we have to study footprints in the Dolomites for some time, and it is amazing how the switch from no dinosaurs “to” all dinosaurs “was,” says senior author Dr. Massimo Bernardi of the Bristol’s School of Earth Sciences.

Massive eruptions in western Canada, now representing by the large Wrangellia basalts, caused outbreaks of global warming, acid rain, and killings on land and in the oceans.

It has long suspected that the Carnian Pluvial episode has brought massive changes in land and sea animal species, but there was no solid evidence to confirm this upheaval.

This discovery of the existence of a connection between the first The diversification of dinosaurs and global mass extinction are important,” says co-author Professor Mike Benton of the University of Bristol.

The extinction has not only paving the way for the age of dinosaurs, but also for the origins of many modern groups, including lizards, crocodiles, turtles, and mammals, which today are the most important land animals.”

So, these are the points to describe the Mass Extinction Gave Rise to Dinosaurs; Study is Finds.

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