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Five Things Amazon Echo Can Do That Google Home Cannot


Five Things Amazon Echo Can Do That Google Home Cannot: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on the Five things Amazon Echo can do that Google Home cannot.

Five Things Amazon Echo Can Do That Google Home Cannot

The Five Things Amazon Echo Can Do

The Google is launching the Google Home and Home Mini smart speakers earlier this week, after much anticipation. The new entrants to Google’s hardware lining up in India which is coming close on heels of the ambitious India-centric developments and programmes that the company has lately bullish.

The newly launching Google Home and Home Mini speakers counter the Echo and Echo Dot speakers beginning by Amazon about over six months back, marking the entry of voice-enabling speakers in the country. To drawing a contrast, there are the two different sets of smart speakers available in India, wherein one is powering by the Google Assistant, and the other is driving through the Amazon Alexa.

While the Google-powering services are more efficient than that provided by the Amazon. Google Home speakers are still to leverage those services to offer to the users. There are a lot of things that both the rivals do alike, such as telling traffic updates, weather, general knowledge questions, trivia, sports updates, play and control them songs.

However, there are few areas, where Google Home still has to do a lot of catching up with the Amazon Alexa. Here are the five things that you can throwing at Alexa which is freely to make it follow the commands while the Google Assistant still is struggling to comprehend them.

A quick note: This is a comparison between the voice assistants that is Alexa and Google Assistant on the respective speaker sets. The way Google Assistant works on a Google Home speakers is a lot different from what it offers on the smartphones, and so did Amazon Alexa, however, it is presently available only on a handful of the phones.

Tracking the shipments

The Amazon Alexa-enabling speakers can track the packages that you are ordering using your voice commands that is the speakers itself. While Google did follow most of your deliveries on your phone, the feature is not yet available on the Google Home speakers.

Alexa-enabling speakers not only to track the orders on Amazon but also on the other e-commerce platforms. Alexa did not necessarily tell much about the requests such as the shipment tracking. However, it is apprising the user of the estimating delivery time of the package.

Booking of a cab ride

The Five Things Amazon Echo Can Do

If you want to book a cab without touching your phone, then Alexa is at your service. In India, you can call Uber and Ola cabs right at your doorstep and reach your destination without opening the app on your phone.

The Google Home cannot do this yet. Considering the Google Home has just launched in India, so it is anticipating that these skill sets will arrive later, however, even in the US, Google Home does not support the calling cabs.

To call you a cab using Alexa, you will have to integrate your Uber and Ola accounts with it. You will also have to keep in mind that your home destination set on both the platforms.

The Plethora of third-party skills

The Amazon Alexa comes with a hundred of skill which is sets that allow the voice assistant is performing the specific tasks. While Google Home too comes with almost as the same number of the skill sets as Alexa, it lacks the broader integration that the latter enjoys.

A developer is creating an online tool a while back which is known as Echoism.io that it enables developers to test the various skills without needing hardware.

Also, the smartphones that come preloading with the Alexa simultaneously support all the skill sets whereas Google Assistant on the phones is entirely different from the version it embodies on the speakers.

The Setting of schedules

The Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant both allowing you to turn on the lights without having to do that physically, and some other similar tasks. What is sets Alexa apart from the Google Assistant is that in addition to throwing these commands for the instant action, you can even set the particular schedules for an Alexa.

For example, you want your lights turning on at 6 pm, Alexa will take care of that. On the other hand, Google Assistant cannot yet to do the scheduling of such tasks.

The Train seat availability

All the skill sets integrating with Alexa, the Indian Railways skill setting, once enabling, which is allows you to check for the tickets, seat availability in your choice of the train on a particular day.

It can even search for the reservation class that is the sleeper, 3-tier, 2-tier, and so on. However, Google Assistant cannot do this yet. But it is worth mentioning that this skill set may arrive in the coming days, considering the number of a people who prefer trains on a daily basis.

So, these are the points of describing the Five things Amazon Echo can do that Google Home cannot.

If any Questions is persisting then, please feel free to comment your viewpoints.


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