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Summer wellness: Try these teas that will help you to beat the heat


Summer wellness: Try these teas that will help you to beat the heat: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on the Summer wellness: Try these teas that will help you to beat the heat.

Summer wellness: Try these teas that will help you to beat the heat

The Summer wellness

Is tea being the healthy in the summer season? Well, many scientists say a hot drink will cool you down more than an ice-cold beverage. It is because of the hot and humid conditions that a freshly brewed cup of the tea has not quite the appealing than it usually does, then try the little cold brew tea to keep you fresh through the summer.

Bangalore based Teabox founder Kaushal Dugarr is suggesting some easy ways to beat the heat and get the best out of your tea.

Learn how to make the ice teas

The Ice teas are very popular through the summer and are quickly make at home. Take a right quality fresh loose leaf teas about 1.5 times the usual amount and steep it for at least 3 to 5 minutes or as given in the instruction. Pour the brewed tea over a jug of ice and stir well. Your ice tea is ready to drink. You add lime or honey as per your taste.

Trying out the various flavors.

There are numerous recipes and ways of making the ice tea in the online. You can brew up your flavour by selecting ingredients you like. We are also recommending you our Hawaiian Sangria and Ginger Taffy Ice teas for a cool flavourful experience.

Get the acquainting with a cold brew.

The Cold brew is something that is a different and gaining popularity among the tea drinkers. In a cold drink, the leaves left to steep overnight through using cold water. The result is an entirely different and smooth. One of the best fresh brews flavors has with the Silver Needle White tea and the Burnside Classic Spring Green tea.

A hot cup of Tea to cool you down

It may come as a surprise, but the hot tea cools you down in the heat of summer. There may be many reasons for this like the small amount of the caffeine is present in the drink, and the fact that it is hot makes you sweating which has a cooling effect.

The other thing is that the body’s cooling system is triggering and reacts to the hot tea that you consume. Have a warm cup of the Kashmiri Kahwa or the High Mountain Oolong tea for a pleasing effect.

The Tea helps in digestion

The Summer wellness

In summer the hot and humid weather conditions are causing a lot of heat in our bodies which makes the digestive system susceptible to your illnesses. Drinking a warm cup of Tulsi Green tea after the meals to soothe the system and help in the digestion too.

Rishav Kanoi, Tea Expert at the Tea Trove also listing down five tea options that are your perfect light summertime cold brew beverage.

Moroccan mint tea combines the two summer favorites that are mint and green tea which is into a skin-saving brew that feels unusually refreshing on a hot and sunny day.

Drinking of the green tea is improving your skin elasticity, roughness, hydration and an overall skin appearance through protecting one’s skin from exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

The Hibiscus Tea

The Hibiscus Tea, which is renewing the world over for its ruby red color, different tanginess, and a refreshing tart flavor, is not only delicious but also a nutritious.

Ginger lemon green tea

Ginger lemon green tea provides you the best relief mechanism from the Nausea and Indigestion associating with the summer. Vitamin and antioxidant rich drink like ginger lemon tea also help you to overcome hair problems in an absolute natural and a simple way.

The Oolong Tea is activating enzymes that cut down the triglycerides, a type of fat found in the blood. Oolong tea is more than just a fat burner, though. It is also containing niacin, which helps you to detoxify the body and antioxidants that is preventing the tooth decay.

So, these are the points to describing on the Summer wellness: Try these teas that will help you to beat the heat.

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