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Khelo India Champions Manu And Nataraj Is Set For The Common Wealth Games Debut


Khelo India Champions Manu And Nataraj Is Set For The Common Wealth Games Debut: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on the Khelo India champions Manu and Nataraj is setting for the Common Wealth Games debut.

Khelo India Champions Manu And Nataraj Is Set For The Common Wealth Games Debut

Common Wealth Games

It is Set to make their debut at a next month’s Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast (Australia). The teenagers Manu Baker and Srihari Nataraj are the two prodigious talents, who is emerging as a champion from the Khelo India School Games. The government’s ambitious flagship programme.

Manu is shooting the way to gold in the women’s 10m Air Pistol. With a score of 241.1 in the finals to rewriting her final national record of 240.5.

Which is set at the National Shooting Championships in December last year, Srihari is broken his 100-meter backstroke on the national register while winning the six gold and a silver medal at the Khelo India School Games.

Srihari says that his participation in the Khelo India is a part of his training ahead of the Common Wealth Games. “I was aiming for a 56.50 finish since I am preparing for the Youth Olympic Games in the Buenos Aires and the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast,” Srihari has said after clocking 56.90 seconds in the 100m backstroke to improving on his National record of 56.99 which he was clocking in the Tashkent last year.

Srihari was starting swimming when he was about two years old. A handful of his mother, the toddler, was sent to a swimming pool with his elder brother so that the house stays for at least a couple of the hours.

It is not long before Srihari got addicting to the underwater moves and swimming is turning into his passion. “It is a race against the clock, and I want to do my best,” says the 17-year-old Srihari.

Manu, on the other hand, taking to shooting just a little over two years ago and has a consistency which is performing well in the global and domestic tournaments. The 16-year-old won double gold in her maiden senior World Cup in Mexico before bagging the three gold medals at the ISSF junior World Cup to emerging as a medal contender for India at the Common Wealth Games that is starting from April 4.

It is remarkable how quickly she has acquired a reputation as a formidable shooter. However, shooting is not the only sports Manu excels. Before picking up the pistol, she is already competing at the national level in a different sport.

Common Wealth Games Common Wealth Games

She has won a national bronze medal in the Thang Ta – a Manipuri martial art and is also a state-level skating champion, besides being adapting to tennis and athletics.

“She has a natural talent for the sports. She is picking up a new sport quite easily. But her problem is that she is used to getting bored rather quickly and will give up. Also, there have times when she felt that she has handed a raw deal in a tournament. After that she will stop playing that sport,” her father Ramkishan Baker says.

Both the youngsters are showing in their respective nationals. Manu breaks Heena Sidhu’s long-standing national record and won a staggering 15 medals, including nine gold, but Srihari was adjudged the Best Swimmer at the national aquatic championships after bagging the eight badges, comprising of the three individual gold medals and silver.

Srihari’s record timings are earning him a place in the Common Wealth Games along with helping him to qualify for the Youth Olympics held in Argentina later this year.

A fan of the swimming legend Michael Phelps, Srihari wants to make his mark, and his eyes on the Common Wealth Games.

Srihari’s coach, AC Jayarajan, who is a retired Naval officer and he represented Services in the National Championships, says the Khelo India games were a good training ground.

“To be honest, we including the Khelo India School Games as a part of Hari’s training ahead of the Commonwealth Games. The times he has a clock here are training times rather than times we are expecting him to clock in the competition,” Jayarajan has said during the Games.

Srihari will participate in the 50m, 100m and 200m backstroke events. He will look to make history by adding to Prasanta Karmakar’s 50-meter freestyle (para-sport) bronze, which is India’s only Commonwealth medal in the swimming.

Manu, who is hailing from Dadri district in the Haryana, seeming to have developing an affinity for the yellow metal as is evident from her gold-medal winning streaking at the ISSF Junior and Senior World Cup.

Asking about her penchant for the winning medals, Manu says, “It is just happening. I don’t think of them. At times, I don’t even know what the records are. Many People are telling me afterwards that I have to break a record. I am grateful to all my coaches for their advice and the hours they have put in to increase my technique.”

Manu will also be eager to leave a lasting impression in the Gold Coast through striving to swell the already rich list of the medals in shooting.

So, these are the points to describing on the Khelo India champions Manu and Nataraj is set for the Common Wealth Games debut.

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